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1: Frida Meets New Friends Everywhere – Big Pics


All of the pics, none of the words.

Screw it, wanna just color and not be bothered by words and stuff?  Here ya go. All 25 images in Frida Meets New Friends Everywhere via a .pdf e-book suitable for printing or wrapping fish. Each page is a full 8.5 x 11 and the images either cover or mostly cover the entire page.


Frida Vochida Meets Friends Everywhere is the first coloring book in a series about a Much Love Mexican Vocho (Classic VW Beetle). Follow Frida’s adventures in Oaxaca, Mexico as she visits historic places and explores her inner artist. Help Frida do this by coloring her world.Learn all bout Frida, her friends, and where she live in Oaxaca, Mexico through the book and companion website. Enter naming contests for her new friends to win future books in the series.


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