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Part 3 of Frida Vochida Sort of Makes a Jungle Run, Frida Meets a “Guy”

When we left off, Frida had shredded her v-belt (serpentine belt for cars with more than 2 pulleys and a tensioner) on Federal Highway 175, south of home, but still far north of her destination of the jungles and beaches.

Frida’s brothers were in her friend’s car, far ahead, so the first order of business was for Frida’s mom to msg them and tell them where they were and ask them to turn around. Upon fist inspection, Frida’s dad found that her v-belt was shredded, and that was probably what caused the smell of burning rubber, because, it was, in fact, burning rubber at that point. As Frida’s friends and brothers were returning, Frida’s mom looked for auto part stores as her dad removed her v-belt.

Santa Marta Chichihualtepec… closed

Upon their return, Frida’s brothers and friends were asked to go find the belt and a socket wrench (lesson #1 for Frida’s parents… have a handy set of vocho tools ready in her frunk (front trunk, don’t hate) from the nearest google mapped parts store. After about 20 minutes, Frida’s dad received a text from her brother showing an earthen berm across the road that went into the village with the parts store. It seemed as if Santa Marta Chichihualtepec was, for a lack of better words, closed. Frida and her parents knew that many villages in their home state were “closed” to outsiders still, but it still kinda sucked.

Frida’s new “guy” friend’s 4 wheeler, with typical campo transportation in background


Lo and behold, though, Frida’s friend met a “guy” on a four-wheeler ATV who just so happened to be carrying tools with him. She told “guy” about what happened to Frida, so they all returned to the bus stop that Frida was at to take a closer look. It turned out that Frida’s belt had frayed because her crankshaft pully had somehow split, which is never a good day, especially where she was at the time. Luckily, though, Frida’s friends were there with their car and went quickly back to the town of Ocatlan to find the correct parts. 

The crankshaft pulley, cracked along the inner weld…. not good


While her friends went to Ocatlan, Frida’s new “guy” friend left on his 4-wheeler to find the correct tools to replace her pully and belt (for the record… 19mm socket and ¾” socket, plus some screwdrivers to hold parts in place…. Autozone, cheap, check!)

After 2 and a half hours and about 400 pesos of parts, Frida was back on the road headed to the next village to help find food for her human friends in Santa Marta Chichihualtepec, which seemed to be open, at least along the highway. 

At this point, Frida’s friends and family wondered if making it to Max’s farm was a good idea on this very big day, as they did not want to make the last part of the jungle drive in the dark. A decision was made to spend that night at the beach, shortening our day by 50 kilometers and about 2 hours theoretically. 

Next up? Frida’s big climb subsequent complete nervous breakdown.

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