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Frida gets a checkup from the neck-up. Well, sorta. Thanks to a local who posted this mural, Frida and her dad had a mission. Frida was excited to go find it today. Luckily it was only about 15 minutes away from Frida’s house.

The mural says “Primera Linea”, or Front Line, and fittingly honors the local doctors, nurses, and other uniformed care workers who are bearing the brunt of the fight against Covid-19 here in Oaxaca. Like most art, at least to Frida and her dad, pictures do zero justice to the impact of seeing it with your own headlights or eyes. The protagonist in the mural exudes all things caring, determination, strength, fragility, brilliance and beauty, all wrapped up in one gaze.

See the mural and Frida in full color over at and scroll on down to the bloggy thingie. Hell, you can even print a full 8.5×11 black and white print and color it yourself if you like.  If you do, though, please send Frida a picture of it @

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