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Frida Vochida rethinks her life decisions.

Part 2 of Frida Vochida Sort of Makes a Jungle Run

When we left off, Frida Vochida was very excited about her 7:15 am start to her epic 190ish mile journey over the Sierra Madre Mountain range and down to the beaches and jungles of Huatulco. With her mom and dad safely buckled in, she was on her way, deftly driving through the well-known city of Oaxaca de Juarez and into the Southern Valley, South toward the Pacific Ocean and epic adventures.  Past the airport she zoomed, her brothers and friends trailing in the car behind, gladly leading the charge. 

24 kilometers into her 312 planned, Frida even stopped to top off her gas tank with a breakfast of Pemex Premium Vocho Juice. Here, her dad made sure everything was tightened down on top and cool in her engine, as being a proud Mexican Artista, she tends to run a little hot… All was good and off went everyone, with plans to stop in the city of Miahuatlán 90 minutes and 85 kilometers later for breakfast for her huma friends and family. 

She drove swiftly and with great determination past the Alibreje village of San Martin Tillcajete and through the uncrowded streets of Ocatlon, home of the Mexican Artist and local hero Rudolfo Morales. This was not a day to dilly daddle, though, she had many hours and miles and hills to go…

Just south of Ocatlan, though, Frida’s mom and dad noticed something smelled like burning rubber, and that wasn’t good.  Being a traditional VW Type 1 Sedan, made in Mexico for Mexican’s, Frida Vochida does not come equipped with the gauges, bells and whistles her parents are used to, which, for the most part, is fine and dandy. But…. looking around and not being able to blame the smell on any other cars nearby, Frida Vochida was guided ever so gently to the curb of Federal Highway 175, 55 kilometers short of her next planned stop.

And thus starts Frida’s complete nervous breakdown, subsequent non-voluntary visit to a vocho doctor, and a rebuilding of trust between Frida and her family. 

At this point, Frida’s brothers and friends had traveled ahead to make breakfast early and wer nowhere in sight. In fact, the only things Frida could see was highway, a bus stop, a village off to the West, and a donkey driven cart down the hill. As Frida’s mom messaged to her friends to turn around, Frida’s dad popped the back lid to her engine compartment and noticed immediately that her serpentine belt was very frayed and almost broken, and smelled like….well…. Burning rubber.

Right now, Frida’s parents were worried about her very much, and even Frida was rethinking her life decisions and apparent gusto at making a big trip today…

Stay tuned for part 3, Frida meets the “guy”