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After many weeks of quarantine, Frida Vochida insisted on getting out. As luck would have it, her parents were heading to the Pacific coast to a friends ranch in the jungle, so this was Frida’s big chance to be the biggest help she could be. The morning of Frida’s big trip, her parents and brothers packed her full of suitcases, coolers, board games and all of the stuff two full families would need on a socially distance-cy week in the jungle and beach. It was a lot of stuff, but that is ok, Frida volunteered to take all of the “stuff” as long as her brothers could ride in her friend’s car.

So now the stage is set. A weeks worth of gear for two families in and on her, 312 kilometers (192 ish miles) of mountain driving between here and there, encompassing 14,356 feet of climbing and 19,000 feet of downhills (well, mostly, there is a lot of ups and downs between here and there, with a peek of about 9500 ft above sea level and then a rush down the range to sea level) with twists, turns, speed bumps and potholes galor! At 7:15 am on a Saturday morning, we all shoved off en route what could have been a very adventurous and relaxing week…

(picture is Frida Vochida getting loaded up at 6:45 am… evidently, she is NOT a morning vocho, just saying)


…part 2 manana. Frida Vochida rethinks her life decisions.