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File this under “Frida Loves to Help”. It is hard to help during the modified zombie apocalypse though. Frida does get to help at least every saturday by driving her mom and dad around town to get groceries. This is usually a multi-hour thing because Frida’s mom and dad like to be out of the house almost as much as she does.

Today was a special day, though, because Frida’s mom’s special chocolate tienda was open today, which has not been the case lately. Frida’s mom has special friends that provide her with the very best chocolate bars in the central valley here, and even different friends that supply raw or mixed (with unprocessed sugar, cinnamon and almonds in just the right amounts) chocolate to make hot chocolate at home. But Mayordomo is a fun place for Frida’s mom because of Choco Mio. Choco Mio’s are mixed chocolate, milk, some ice, and a blender. Sometimes the simple things are the best, and on this day it hit the spot!

Frida was rewarded later that day on the way home with high-test PEMEX unleaded vocho juice, which she loves, so it was a win-win-win day.

If you want to help Frida color her trip to Mayordomo, click the picture below to download your very own 8.5×11 coloring book ready print and have at it. Send a picture of your finished picture to also if you want, Frida would love to share what her friends make.

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